A typical question from new clients is “Who are these guys?” Well, to help answer that question, here are some of the key reasons why our clients choose us for performing their software development projects:

Customer-Oriented Approach

Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business. We match our processes to fit your preferences, so you feel comfortable and secure outsourcing work to an offshore team. Our project managers and software developers act as extensions of your existing organization to seamlessly blend into your processes while bringing tangible cost savings. Moreover, we focus on long term partnerships with our clients. This allows accumulating exclusive knowledge of the client’s business which helps deliver the highest quality services with lower investments.

Seamless Communication

Our customers and partners tell us we’re easier to communicate with than other outsourcing companies. One reason is that our management team consists of strong managers who have rich international business experience. They have lived in the USA or Western Europe long enough to understand and appreciate the language, and more importantly, the cultural nuances of doing business your way. We understand how passionate you are about your business, and we cultivate the same passion ourselves. Because of this shared view, we guarantee fast responses and our availability to discuss your issues through multiple communication channels nearly 24 hours, 5 days per week.

Reasonable Cost

Our clients benefit from the smart offshore delivery model. We have on-board the best IT talents from New Delhi NCR region of India, an area famous for its strong educational system and analytical skills, with very reasonable salary rates. We staff our project teams with top regional software professionals at about a quarter the rates of other US development companies. Since our quality and speed is good or better than you’ll find elsewhere, collaborating with us gives you an even greater return on your investment.

Best Practices

Over 300 major development projects delivered allowed us to acquire expertise in scalable software development, which in its turn gives you an extremely reliable end product and predictable high quality. We turn our diverse experience and information into an invaluable knowledge shared within the teams and on-going developer training. Because of the mentoring approach to knowledge transfer, we are able to accelerate the on-boarding of new hires and new project team members.

Qualified Expertise

The New Delhi NCR region of India, where our offshore office is located, is one of the most technically advanced areas within India. With sixteen Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) universities throughout India (similar to Stanford and MIT universities), more than fifty years of scientific research in the high-tech field has created a world-leading system of technical education and software development engineer training. As a result, the country’s scientific and academic infrastructure still produces top quality engineering specialists. Our software engineers frequently win worldwide software competitions, demonstrating qualification and experience levels higher than any competitor country.

Stable Qualified Teams

Highlands Info Tech is a well-regarded employer in the local labor market, offering excellent compensation along with a career-based corporate culture and interesting project work. Thanks to HR top-grading, corporate training centers, collaboration with the top technical universities, and a compelling benefits package, we’re able to nurture, attract and retain the best IT talent. Our team consists of software engineering professionals that each has from 3 to 25 years of experience in real software development projects. We have a very low personnel turnover rate, which allows us to prevent information leakage, keep the teams stable, and teamwork effective.

Favorable Time Difference

Our office is open 24 hours, 5 days per week. Having multiple shifts working for you allows projects to move forward much faster than if they were delivered by a single team in your same time-zone. Our managers and tech leads adjust time-zones to work with you to review past work and set new tasks, then while you’re asleep, our developers work on the project. Changes are ready by the time you come back to the office in the morning. This allows you to get “overnight turnaround” every day.

Comprehensive Solution

We cover the full software development life cycle from business analysis to quality assurance and deployment and post-launch maintenance. For a client, this means there is one vendor handling the job. This prevents any hand waving or finger pointing, and makes your budget and timeline more predictable. We take full responsibility over the process, giving you confidence in the end result.