Software system prototyping is a perfect choice for refining functionality, detecting potential issues, and setting software development priorities.

Why Prototype?

Why should a prototype of the software product be created prior to actually writing the software code?

What We Do

Here are some of the tasks that we perform during the prototype phase of a software development project.

What We Deliver

These are some of the items that we deliver during the software prototype phase of a project.

  1. Specifications
    Specifications for your future software system are made as detailed as possible to ensure all your specific elements are included and documented. Our dedicated and professional team guarantees excellent quality of this critical documentation. We can create this documentation from scratch, or examine your documentation to confirm that it matches your business and technology requirements.

  2. Static Mockups
    Static mockups (or sketches) are a cost-effective and time-saving method to avoid future misunderstandings with the software development team. We can create a static application that outlines the major functionality features and focuses on core interdependencies between application modules.

  1. Clickable Wireframes
    We can create clickable wireframe versions of the software. We can develop operational prototypes to allow you to quickly confirm that we have captured the software requirements, features, and user interface before software development starts.

  1. Designed Interface
    Our graphic design team can deliver upscale graphical user interface (GUI) for your application during the final prototype stage to give you a complete look and feel of the software application.

Software Prototyping

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