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Senior Graphics Software Engineer - DirectX / OpenGL


B.E. / B.Tech. / M.E. / M.Tech / MCA


We are currently looking to hire a Senior Graphics Software Engineer (DirectX/OpenGL) to work on the development of a 3D GUI for a large engineering application.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in 2D and 3D DirectX (Direct3D, Direct2D, etc.) and/or OpenGL graphics programming. The candidate should have experience in working and writing graphic shaders. Solid knowledge of 3D computer graphics theory is required.

As a senior member of the software development team, this candidate should be able to take on challenges, set high standards, take calculated risks, nurture innovation in the team, and adapt to the fast-pace and sometimes changing project requirements. The candidate should be capable of working independently and as part of a team, and have a proven track record of delivering consistent high-quality work on-time for past projects.

An ideal candidate should have excellent technical expertise and the ability to learn new concepts on their own. They should have a complete understanding of design methodology. They should have very strong technical skills and desire increase their career experience along a technical ladder.

This person will work on this exciting technical project in a cutting-edge software environment, participating in the overall planning, execution, and success of the project within a cross-functional engineering team. They should be able to accurately estimate the efforts required to complete a task, and have successfully completed tasks on deadline.

The candidate needs to ensure customer satisfaction as high priority, and will participate in client conference calls for status updates as well as updating junior team members for rapid delivery.

Job Summary

  • Bachelor or Master's Degree in CS or any Engineering discipline from a reputed engineering college.
  • Minimum of 4 years of technical experience in software development
  • Knowledge of 3D computer graphics theory and standards
  • Expertise in 2D/3D DirectX (Direct3D, Direct2D, etc.) and/or OpenGL graphics programming
  • Experience in writing graphic shaders using HLSL/GLSL, graphics pipeline architectures, and software renderers
  • Experience with CUDA, OpenCL, and GPGPU is an added advantage
  • Solid background in algorithms and data structures
  • Strong C# and .NET programming experience
  • Ability to work on multiple aspects of a project simultaneously
  • Able to work on issues that impact the success of future concepts, products, and technologies

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